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Day 135

Happy Father’s Day, good picture taking little C.

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Day 134

Happy First Birthday L

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Day 133


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Day 132

What a birthday surprise.

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Day 131

Ta Da!!

Gotta love those library summer programs.

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Day 130

Where or where is W.

Charlie Green (24)

Day 129

I’ve been busy editing a baby photo shoot, and thought this picture depicted my day.  I like how this one turned out.


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Day 128

50 Cent Army

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Day 127

Happy in Love

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Day 126

Little C  is on fire learning how to read, I’m so proud.

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Day 125

Homemade Pot Stickers, Yum!!

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Day 125

Good grades = Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Reading books = Fun Summer Reading Program prizes

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Day 124

Monkey See, Monkey Do

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Day 123

Do you see what that is?

That’s right, cut Barbie hair.  Now we have a bunch of shaved Barbies due to little A. styling their hair.

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Day 122

Here’s my hubby’s hard work Memorial weekend.

We decided to build a bench to see if we could build a picnic table, I think he did a fine job.  (I wished I had washed off my kids grimey hands first before I took the pic)


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Day 121

Water baby!

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Day 120

Hubby took this picture of me grilling some Teriyaki chicken, yum.

Although technically this is not a good picture I love it because of the story it tells.

My siloutte and the wall to the house frames my kids and their cousins as they cling onto the pool fence waiting to go for a  swim.  Isn’t this what summer is all about.

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Day 119

Loved this sequence of the this action shot while swimming with friends.

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Day 118

I get so nervous on baby photo shoots, you never know how they will turn out. 

I loved this pic even though it wasn’t posed.   It includes the gorgeous mother taking care of her little one; so sweet and I love the natural light.

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Day 117

Memorial Weekend the hubs and I worked on putting together a picnic bench, we were quite pleased with ourselves.