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Day 26

Meet Rocky.

My preschooler’s pet rock. He came home with this little guy after learning all about different kind of rocks.

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Day 25

I have the best husband ever! I was snackie and my dear husband began baking chocolate chip cookies starting at 8:30pm last night for me.

Isn’t he the best!

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Day 24

My lil’ Cowboy at the Rodeo.


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Day 23

Blowin’ dandilions

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Day 22

Crazy weather here this past weekend.  There was literally a large gray cloud just over my street and no where else.


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Day 21

Our little guy giving his new Radio Flyer Scooter a try.  Thank you Seattle family (you know who you are) We love you!!

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Day 20

Celebrating our baby’s birthday.  He turns 3, so I guess he’s not a baby anymore.


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Day 19

Fun Run at the school. 

My first grader did 6 laps within 30 minutes! Go Scorpions!!

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Day 18

Thank goodness for girlfriends!

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Day 17

I love this pic of Maggie Lou. 

She’s my friends baby, isn’t she adorable. 



Day 16

Please do not touch!

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Day 15

Enjoying a picnic in the backyard with cousins on Presidents day.  Yay no school!!

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Day 14

I could not pick just one favorite photo of this peach tree orchard, so here are my top 5.  Nature in spring time is bea-utiful!


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Day 13

This is called painting by light and I’ve been wanting to try this forever, so I finally did it with the help of my husband.

I turned the shutter speed way down low, fixed a few of my settings, focused in on the light, and set the self timer.

You wouldn’t believe what we used for our light. It was our telephones, and then one of my sons toys for the red light :)

My husband drew the heart while I hurried and raced to meet him after I pressed the timer to make the arrow. It was a lot harder than I thought to get the timing just right, but it turned into a lot of laughs and fun.

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Day 12

This little guy is in love with this shirt and asks to wear it any chance that he can get. 

I gave these as a gift one year for Christmas so he loves that every member of our extended family has one too.

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Day 12

I was trying to capture the imagination of my sons by taking a picture of one of their elaborate forts they build almost everyday but instead my boys voiced they wanted me to take a picture of them posing together in front of their fort. 

Although this wasn’t the best picture of their fort I was pleased to capture the love and friendship of these two brothers.  They are the best of friends and do everything together.


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Day 11

Playing with camera at mutual for a Young Women’s event for my church.

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Day 10

Take a look at that piece of art!!

It’s Chicken-Asparagus-Tomato Stir-Fry- and it was yummy!

I am joyous when I know my family gets a good nutritious meal and its always a bonus when its fun to cook and tastes good too.

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Day 9

Lately I’ve been aiming to capture details in my photos.  I want to capture my families story, and details tell such a significant part of our story. 

So here is my little guy during the most coveted time of day for me, nap time.  You can find me and my children snuggled in our beds taking a nap.  I feel so lucky my kids still take naps.  And here he is with his favorite stuffed animal his grandma gave him, Ellie.


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Day 8

How sweet to capture my son writing his very first Valentine cards all by himself.

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Day 7

This kid is TWO!!

He’s two and totally knows how to work the computer and knows how to work his way around his favorite websites.  We are constantly amazed with this little dude.

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Day 6

Look at all the fun treats we used while decorating cupcakes with family and cousins.

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Day 5

I saw this gorgeous tree blooming Arizona’s first signs of spring as I was driving my daughter to school this morning. I’m just glad I had my camera in the car.


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Day 4

How could I narrow it down to just one photo when there are so many cool moves by this Jedi.


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Day 3

Loving this picture straight out of the camera.  No photoshop, nothing! and to top it off I get to see this beauty right outside my bedroom window.



Day 2

The kids were riding their bikes out in the front and I thought great time to bring out the camera while we were waiting for daddy to come home.



Day 1

I consider it perfect timing taking the first picture on this here blog with a nice clean canvas. A clean family room that is, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of our clean kitchen, a rare moment.


I’m so proud of myself for these pictures. I used natural light here (that means no flash) and totally relied on myself for shooting in manual. Something I am trying to get better at.

I think they turned out pretty dang good since I was shooting around 5:00 this afternoon.