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Day 116

Kids took pictures of my cute niece that spent the night.

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Day 115

1950’s Housewife Bridal Shower, so much fun

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Day 114

Summer now begins!!

Last day of school, onto 2nd grade!!

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Day 113

I know, it looks like a science experiment.

I canned chicken and beef today.  This stuff is way better than Costco’s canned chicken.

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Day 112

Summer is upon us. 

Our first watermelon for the summer.

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Day 111

Everyone in this house has been using this machine lately, we just can’t hack that cough.

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Day 110

Yum!!  Seriously restaurant worthy.

Grilled avocado Quesadillas


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Day 109

I’m cheating this is another pic from our fun day with the country folk :)

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Day 108

How many chickens can you count?

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Day 107

The Great Thinkers- so proud of my little bro.

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Day 106

Proud of this little dude graduating preschool and here he is reciting the Preamble from the Constitution.

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Day 105

Blackmail! Look what I saw this little dude playing with.

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Day 104

Found this cute flyer laying around and couldn’t help but think how much my daughter is like me.


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Day 103

Rock, Paper Scissors

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Day 102

We are so proud of you M. Go U of A!!!

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Day 101

Tucson’s Famous Sonoran Hot Dog, Yum!!

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Day 100

I reached my 100 day!!

On our walk through the Riparian Reserve we saw a cute family of ducks.

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Day 99

Little C’s new favorite toy!

Our old answering machine

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Day 98

Senior Pic with Taylor

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Day 97

I found little Miss A’s Mother Day Check List, my heart just smiled.

And she fulfilled them all, she’s such a great daughter.


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Day 96

Youth Trip the Gila Valley Temple Open House

Learn more about temples here!


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Day 95

Peek a Boo!

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Day 94

So this is where all that sound was coming from?

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Day 93

Miss A working on her diorama to show the chimpanzee living in the rain forest.

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Day 92

Look what we found in our back yard.

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Day 91

Little C. asked if I could play Lincoln Logs with him. 

I have to admit it took all my power within me to not say no.  It was a Monday morning my major cleaning day, but I think I made the right decision.


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Day 90

Books that I’ve been reading.

I am loving these Book of Mormon series by H.B. Moore

I had a girls night out watching the 5 hour movie of Pride and Prejudice, the one with Colin Firth!!


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Day 89

Pancakes for breakfast, yum!!

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Day 88

Papa comes back from Brazil.

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Day 87

Ninja Powers (with a Nimo bathrobe)

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Day 86

Senior Photoshoot

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Day 85

My handsome brother.

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Day 84

PJ Party at school!

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Day 83

That’s my girl!!