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Day 82

My hubby was the MC for our church Variety show for the second time now.

He is known to be quite the cheese ball.

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Day 81

Isn’t she cute!!  Here she is at her dance recital.

Oh how I wish I had a telephoto lens right now.

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Day 80

My daughter’s first grade class.  I love asking them for a silly photo after a nice picture and seeing what kind of face they come up with.

I like little C looking at his teacher wondering what kind of face she is going to make.

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Day 79

I think I need to reinforce more wearing your shoes when you play outside.

Look how gross they get.

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Day 78

My daughter brought this art project home.  I asked her what it was and she replied, “a playground for my lady bug.”

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Day 77

My hubby’s new office.  He will be working from home now!! 

I’m happy about this.


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Day 76

Funny how the mom’s get roped into the Father and Son’s outing by helping them pack their food, gather all the camping gear for them to find  tired boys come home the next day and clear out the car to find THIS in your living room. 

You bet I won’t be the only one cleaning this up.

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Day 75

Father and Son’s Camp Out

Little C was excited to spend some alone time with just daddy.  He had an “awesome time".”

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Day 74

A baby photo shoot. 

No editing done to this picture yet, just a favorite that I turned to black and white.

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Day 73

Not our cat, just sitting out front watching my kids ride their bikes.

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Day 72

SOOC (Straight out of Camera) shot of our bougainvillea in our front yard.

It is exploding with all it bright vibrancy.

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Day 71

Little A and her best friend found an old mailbox in our garage and have been putting it to use ever since, exchanging letters to each other.  This is where they decided to put the mailbox in the front yard. 

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Day 70

My little dude’s concoction of a Sloppy Joe.  He’s been doing this since he was 3 years of age.


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Day 69

A nice picture of my hubby and I and then……. my motley crew with their cousins.  Gotta love their candidness.

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Day 68

Easter Hunt!!

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Day 67

Rock Star

I asked this little dude to stand next to his sister and he immediately gave me this, love it!!


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Day 66

I love how this pic turned out!!

It was a photo shoot of mine and we were walking to our next location and I turned around to take this of them.  I love the sun blaring through. 

Don’t they look like rock stars?

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Day 65

Thought  I should document my very productive day  of little projects that needed to get done around the house with the help of my hubby.  Don’t look too closely :)

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Day 64

A friend and I saw a picture frame similar to this at a boutique and thought, hey we could do this ourselves, and so we did!!

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Day 63

It must be true, it came in the mail, flyer and all!!

Funny though, that’s not a picture of my house, they must have taken the wrong picture by accident.

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Day 62

This is my husbands collection of hot sauces, and we are even missing a few.

  I don’t take any offense when he adds one of these suckers to every meal I ever make; I just think his tastes buds are burnt :)


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Day 61

I decided to turn the camera on me, since this is a record of our year.

My hubby took this picture of my daughter and I climbing a tree on his day off.  It was such a perfect tree to climb that I couldn’t help but climb it.  This picture doesn’t show how high up were were. 

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Day 60

Little A had a tea party with 2 of her neighborhood friends.  It was so cute to see her set up the table cloth, princess music, plates with crackers and popcorn and had asked to bring out the special glasses for the occasion. 

She was missing for a couple of minutes while her guests were here and wondered where she went, she was getting all dressed up for the occasion. 

I love this girl and her sweet imagination.  I later then gave them all a cooking class as while I was making dinner.

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Day 59

I didn’t want to forget this cute memory that has happened since day one of taking my son to preschool, so I decided to take a picture of it while I drop off my child and his friend twice a week.

You see, these two race out of the car, and practically run over each other to see who gets to the preschool room first.  I’m usually yelling out the window, “wait for each other,” because usually one of them is tearing up that the other got out first.

Today, the kid had a phonics egg scavenger hunt.

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Day 58

My little dude has really taken a liking to my hobby as well and always asks me to take pictures of what he is doing.  It feels great to incorporate my hobby with my kids.

Well, this time my little dude wanted to take a stab at taking pictures.  I think he did a pretty good job using his creativity by taking pictures of our shadows.

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Day 57

So this is not even half of the laundry that needed to be folded from being backed up with laundry.  

Sheesh, I am amazed that a family five can accumulate that much laundry.

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Day 56

I love my family!!!

We were out of a washer for at least a month, and when my sister found out we were needing one she quickly volunteered hers that she’s not using right now.

It took many loving family members to volunteer their trailer, time, and washer and dryer for us.

Thanks guys we love you!

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Day 55

My parents came up Saturday to help us bring a much needed washer and dryer from my sister that was sitting in their garage. 

We are spoiled by the service of my parents and their thoughtfulness.   Grandma is so kind to often bring up treats and and a fun project for the grandkids. 

I love this picture and the many hands involved in creating this fun memory.

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Day 54

My two oldest have been working hard for weeks to get ready for their puppet sale.  I love their entrepreneur tendencies. 

Luckily they sold a few to grandparents and a couple of neighbors.

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Day 53

My neighbors flowers are in full bloom! 

This is the nice part of the year when we see a little pop of orange, otherwise they look like weeds for the rest of the year.

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Day 52

How much she has grown since I took her newborn photos about 3 months ago.

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Day 51

I’m really liking the little niche of taking pictures of dancers; maybe because I admire dancers so much.

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Day 50

My first baptism photo shoot. 

I love how she is looking at her own reflection into the pool at the Mesa Temple, and possibly pondering the big choice she is making in her life.