Day 195
Another cute baby photo shoot. Love it!

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Day 194

Oh my goodness to many favorites from this fun baby photo shoot.

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Day 193

Do you notice anything missing? 

Miss A lost a tooth, yes she lost only one.  Here she is with her pet turtle from Chick Fil-A.

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Day 192

B is measuring where to put my new shelves, I’m so excited for them.

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Day 191

The toys go marching one by one hoorah, hoorah!

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Day 190

Just like his dad.


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Day 189

Ellie decided to join us at the table.  Little W bring sthis favorite stuffed animal wherever he goes throughout the house lately. 

I think its cute.

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Day 188

He survived the week.  Here he  is with his first homework assignment.  Doesn’t he look snazzy.

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Day 187

Working on all the details, this kitchen and living room are really coming together.  Giving it a clean, fresh look.

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Day 186

I’ve been busy painting the baseboards and trim white through my house.  There is nothing like a new fresh coat of paint. 

Here is one of my walls I painted the trim white, I think it came out nice.

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Day 185

So excited for this piece of art that happens to be woven hung on my wall.  Did I already say I love it!!

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Day 184

Down to 1 at home.  My two oldest were ready for school to begin!  Can you guess what grade they are in?

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Day 183

How fun is this!  My cousins and I did a quick get together and then to see all of our own kids playing with each other just like we did.  Good times.


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Day 182

Saying good bye to Auntie M.  She will be working with group foster care in the Caribbean for a year.  We will miss her, but so happy for and the awesome adventure that will bring.

This marks my half way point on my 365 day project!!!

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Day 181

The boys chipped in and helped around the house.

(Kids were supervised at all times during this project :)

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Day 180

More days working on the BIG transformation.

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Day 179

The dreaded project of taking down the wall paper and all its glue!


Day 178

Before the BIG change.

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Day 177

Literally my parents backyard, how fun is that!

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Day 176

Tombstone, Arizona.

Look at the storm brewing behind the coach.

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Day 175

Rain drops are falling on my head.

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Day 174

A trip to grandma and grandpa’s house always brings us a special treat!  How sweet!

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Day 173

What a feat!  I took all the kids toys and bleached them in the bath tub to get cleaned and sanitized.  Such a good feeling.

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Day 172

Look at that sad face, it can break your heart.

It was time to get rid of little C’s favorite shirt, it had way too many holes, he was so sad to see it go, so I gave him the idea we could take a picture so we can always remember it.

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Day 171

My first wedding photo shoot.  I had so many favorites, but I’m a sucker for this black and white pic.

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Day 170

A fun, easy, new recipe our family really likes;Mexican quiche.