Day 49

I just laugh at this one every time I see it.  Little C needed to rest his tired legs, just like I rested my camera this past Sunday.   That field of grace looks so inviting for a nap if I do say so myself.


Day 48

Ouch! Sometimes learning something new can be difficult.  No worries this kid picked himself right up and tried again; he’s fearless.

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Day 47

My daughter had her friend come over and it was nostalgic watching them play and collect as many rolly polly’s as they could just like I did when I was a kid.

Brooke's Birthday 2010 (50 of 62)

Day 46

Nana joined us at the library and a picnic in the park to celebrate St. Patty’s Day!

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Day 45

Another fun photoshoot!!  I loved capturing one of my beautiful  young women I work with at church.

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Day 44

Celebrating my niece’s 7th Birthday!



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Day 43

Isn’t she gorgeous!!  Wait til you see the rest of her family at my photoblog here. 

I had a lot of fun at this photo shoot, and the post processing is even more fun.   Ps:  I did not photoshop her eyes, thats how they really are.


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Day 42

A nice Sunday drive took us to this colorful location.  We jumped out of the car and little C says, “mom, take a picture of me.”

Isn’t he handsome?

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Day 41

My cute nephews.  I only wish I took the camera out sooner when all of my nieces and nephews were there for the afternoon.

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Day 40

My daughter brought home her very first pinch pot from art the other day.  This little dude found a great use for it.

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Day 39

Let’s Dance!!

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Day 38

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Day 37

My little dude mimicking a birthday party he had recently.  Can you tell what he is doing?

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Day 36

So I cheated, this pic was from Saturday but it was too dang cute to not add. 

Little A said something cute to her brother the other day that I haven’t heard her say before but quite poignant:

“Take a deep breath, count to 10 and do something nice for them.”


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Day 35

Yes, I’m using the ugly flash but I think it helped bring out the light in this picture and my little girls banana cream pie. 

Doesn’t it look beautiful?

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Day 34

Training wheels are off and we are finally teaching our kids to ride their bikes.

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Day 33

Okay I couldn’t pick just one pic of this little dude. 

I can’t help it when he gets all dressed up and asks, “Mom can you take pictures of me and all of my cool moves.”

You bet!

March 1st (48 of 420)

Day 32

We’re off to the Zoo!

My first grader made these tie dyed shirts in art class to wear at their field trip to the zoo today.  They are going to have so much fun today.

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Day 31st

It came by surprise when I walked by our potted plant of wild flowers that came into bloom.  Aren’t they purty.

March 1st (22 of 420)

Day 30

The second day of many where the girls used their imaginations to create newspapers and leave them on friends doorsteps, including ours. 

Here is another cute article written by my daughter:

“Oh no!  We have lots of weeds so pull them out!  Thank you”

Notice I didn’t take a picture of our weeds :)

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Day 29

These girls are so cute.  This past week they have been busy sitting outside our front yard “looking for news” to write in their newspapers.  I love their imaginations.  Here is one article they came up with that cracked me up.

“Some troublemakers are out on the loose!  They like to goof around  and ding dong ditch.  Watch out!”

March 1st (6 of 420)

Day 28

Caught my six year old daughter rearranging her food like so during the prayer. 

I like this pic because it is a glimpse of what her personality is really like.


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Day 27

First Family Portrait for this horse and her first colt.

I was able to see a newborn colt less than 24 hours old.  What an opportunity and I’m astounded with the capabilities of this newborn.  So blessed.